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Supfina Quick Support

The new Supfina Quick Support — SQS — combines these digitization initiatives to develop a completely new dimension in digital service. Whether it’s interactive online support with data glasses; fast access to important documentation; direct availability of articles and service instructions on the machine; or constant monitoring of machine status and productivity, SQS will transport your production into the digital future.

Scanning instead of scrolling

With a simple scan of a QR code on an assembly, all relevant data can be retrieved directly on a mobile device. The latest documentation, instructions, and service notes are always available — both online and offline.

Looking into the future

Data glasses (in combination with an AR application) enable the technician — with online support from Supfina service technicians — to perform onsite maintenance independently. This not only greatly reduces the time and effort involved with travel, it also speeds up support around the world and minimizes downtimes.

Smart data

With intelligent Machine Monitoring, which collects extensive plant data in real time and prepares it graphically using a web interface. This allows constant overview of machine parameters as well as control of machine status.

Produce smarter

Digitization is inseparably linked to intelligent networking. Supfina systems with sensors are integrated into the strategic communication of the whole company, thus increasing added value. Not only can you manage all machine parameters centrally, but you can generate knowledge along the entire supply chain.

Supfina Quick Support

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Discover Supfina’s digitization initiatives and a completely new dimension of digital service. Read more in our SQS brochure.

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